on life at home

Deep in the heart of the Land of UhOh lives a royal family. The casual observer might miss the palace…from the outside it looks like any other modest home in the neighboring lands. Inside the castle, you might stumble upon a layer of dust or out-of-place toy; there’s even a chance there will be dirty dishes in the kitchen. It seems the royal maid has gone on a permanent vacation, so it’s up to the king and queen to keep things in order. Sometimes they’d rather laugh and play with the prince and princess…so the chores may go undone for a day or two. But one thing is for sure: the royal family is simply as happy as can be. This blog is a collection of tales from the land and thoughts from the queen. Stop by for a glimpse of life in the royal family. But beware, you may fall under the magic spell…and your sink might pile up with dishes from time to time.

Click on the “on life at home” category to see posts about lingering with the people I hold closest.


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