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i’d rather be a hero

“I need you to explain this 9/11 thing to me again, Mommy.” “Well, on September 11, 2001, there were some bad guys who don’t like a lot of the things America stands for, so they decided to attack our country. “What do you mean, ‘stands for?’” “That part is kind of complicated. I’m not really… Continue reading i’d rather be a hero

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between the cross and the empty tomb

There’s something about the silence of the Saturday of Holy Week that I just can’t shake. Each year, it grips my heart and holds on for dear life. What must have been like that first Saturday, living between the cross and the empty tomb? Somehow we often associate silence with absence. We believe that the absence of sound… Continue reading between the cross and the empty tomb

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“a-f” school accountability

In the political discourse surrounding education these days, there is no more controversial word than “accountability.” Everyone knows that schools should be accountable. Educators know that. Politicians know that. Parents know that. Students know that. Taxpayers know that. The problem is that everyone also “knows” how that accountability should look. Over the past few years,… Continue reading “a-f” school accountability